AB11C LC/SC/FC/ST One Click Cleaner tool 1.25mm and Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen 2.5mm Universal Connector


performance portable one fiber end face cleaner.

Cleanable insert the optical connector ferrule end face of the (female) in the adapter, you can also use the optical connector ferrule end face (male) matching accessories cleaner directly on the connector plug;

Operation is very simple in use can continue to obtain high-quality cleaning results;

One can clean fiber end faces 800 or more;

Material: antistatic resin;

Cleanliness 95% or more;

Water and oil cleaning results than traditional cotton swab cleaning rod;

There are 2.5mm (cleanable SC / FC / ST) and 1.25mm (cleanable LC / MU) two sizes;

Easy to use, carry, throw-throw;

After the cleaning is finished, "click" sound prompts;